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Visit Our New Technology Library, unBound!

713 N. Main in downtown Meridian features 3D printers, a sound/podcasting studio, video conferencing and design lab computers among other things. Stop in to learn more and visit the website here. 

Mission Statement

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The Meridian Library District supports our community by enriching lives, igniting curiosity, and cultivating connections.



We treat our members and colleagues with patience, compassion and respect.


We are committed to lifelong learning. We give you access to the things you
want, and will help you find what you want to know.


We strive for excellence in all areas and seek to exceed expectations. We do
this through creating a culture of “yes” and demonstrating flexibility.


We are a meeting place for the people of Meridian. We help make meaningful
connections with our community. 

For a detailed view of how we plan to use these ideas to improve the library for the community, please see our Strategic Plan for FY2014-2015.